Welcome to Innovative Productions

where your logo, the Eye of Horus, represents…

TOUCH – we bring you in contact with the right people with a hands-on approach during each stage of planning, from hello to thank you.

TASTE – we will recommend the appropriate food and beverage for you and your guests.

HEARING – we always listen to what our client has to say in hopes of fulfilling all their requests.

THOUGHT – we bring our expertise, creativity, and logistical thinking to our client.

SIGHT – our eyes foresee every way to make the event better and continuously running smoothly.

SMELL – we are always in search of the right location for your event at its success.

Combining all of our senses with our clients.

Innovative Productions is the Creators of…

Unique Events, Parades, Expos, Festivals, and Exclusive Parties

About Us

Founded in 2001, a few of the events we have produced:

Private dinner parties, design, food, rentals, and entertainment up to 500 people

Festivals in parks and on streets, with multiple stages, tents, food vendors up to 10,000 people

Conventions at hotels, organized travel, meetings, liaison to sponsors, entertainment up to 5,000 people

Photo Shoots for fashion models, secure location, liaison to photographer, director, client, set design, catering

Catering private chef services

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